Gardening with Nature Workshop


This hands on 4-hour workshop, taught by Kiss the Ground certified advocate and farmer Briana, will go through a season of gardening in a way that is sustainable and in sync with nature.  Rather than throwing synthetics at our soil, gardening in sync with nature will make less work for you over time, cost you less, all while benefiting the environment.

Topics covered will include:

-soil health theories
-building soil health
-gardening with minimal soil disturbance
-how to make aerobic compost
-homemade soil brews and when to use them
-organic fertilizer options
-beneficials in the garden
-"closed loop" gardening

Coffee, water, and snacks will be provided.  Class will take place in our barn space and outdoors; masks are required when in an enclosed space with others.**  Please wear comfortable shoes that can get dirty, sunscreen, and bring a hat/sunscreen to reapply if needed!

**this policy is subject to change based on scientific findings regarded vaccinations and spread of COVID

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