we have extended offers for the 2021 season. please contact us if you would like to be added to the internship waitlist or our volunteer list!

colorado flower farm internshipThis is an exciting internship opportunity for anyone who wants to jump into cut flower farming head first and hands on! Our internship begins in February with educational sessions (hours are limited to approximately 2-4 hours/week from February through April) and ramps up with spring planting season.


We have an 8 hour a week minimum work requirement, but if you really want to delve in and learn to farm flowers, we are happy to have you immerse yourself and spend more time with us on the farm!

Our internship is unique from other flower farms in that our owner/farmer comes from a family of farmers, and also has her MBA in Marketing. This gives her a unique edge in a competitive market, and she will include business and marketing as part of the knowledge shared during the position.

PLEASE BE FOREWARNED that farming is hard, physical work. You will be required to lift bags of soil, shovel, carry buckets of water, and generally get a great workout.

Are you a student? We will work with your school to get you credit!  




The spring season is more horticulturally driven and has a heavy emphasis on seeding, planting, and planning our fields.

  1. Greenhouse: planting out seeds and transplanting/dividing

  2. Harvesting our early spring crops (hellebore, anemone, ranunculus, poppy, tulip, narcissus, lilac, blossoming branches)

  3. Arranging custom orders

  4. Preparing beds for spring (laying irrigation, testing soil, determining amendments)

  5. Planting plugs/seedlings

  6. Low tunnel growing: ventilating, adjusting covers for temperatures, weeding

  7. Marketing and planning for summer season

The summer season has a heavier emphasis on arranging as this is when most of our field flowers are in bloom. The summer internship will include:

  1. Assistance teaching our floral arranging and planting classes

  2. Harvesting cut flowers

  3. Assembling CSA and market bouquets/custom orders

  4. Weeding beds

  5. Succession planting

  6. Marketing assistance and planning

  7. Selling at markets

This internship is UNPAID but we provide benefits such as farm dinners and has a heavy emphasis on education.  Potential to turn into a part or full-time position in the next two years.