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Lisianthus starter plants


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WE DO NOT SHIP! LOCAL PICKUP ONLY AT FARM SATURDAY, APRIL 16! Please put your pickup date on your calendar. If you do not pick up on April 16 your seedlings will be forfeited--we simply are too busy in the spring to accommodate missed pickups. Thank you!

After much demand, we are excited to be offering starter lisianthus plants this year! These take a long time to grow (minimum of four months before planting out) and are very time intensive and costly to grow, which keeps most nurseries from providing them, but we are happy to make them available this year! Each pack will consist of six starter plants in 2x2" biodegradable wood fiber pots. The starter mix is designed to give you experience with different flowering groups (group 1 flowers earlier while group 3 flowers later) for staggered blooms.

For multiple stems, we recommend pinching the plants (removing the top set of leaves) after planting and once the flowers have three to four full sets of leaves. This will give you 3-4 stems per plant rather than one large one. 

The following varieties are included in the mixed pack:
(1) Japanese lisianthus celeb 1 lavender
(2) lisianthus super magic apricot
(1) Lisianthus voyage 2 champagne
(1) Lisianthus voyage 2 light apricot
(1) Japanese lisianthus megalo 3 mega white