Sweet Pea monthly CSA


Our sweet peas have the most incredible scent--our favorite place for them is in the bedroom on the nightstand, where their delicate scent will lull you off to garden dreams.  They are fluttery, delicate and sweet, as their name implies. The sweet pea CSA runs month-to-month for four weeks at a time. Pickup takes place on Saturday mornings between 7 and 11 am at the farmstand market at the farm and will get you a bunch of sweet peas each week to bring home and enjoy for yourself. 

If you have to miss a pickup date, you are welcome to send a friend or family member to pick up your share.

Session 1 dates: July 17 through August 7

Session 2 dates: August 14 through September 4


In the event of a catastrophic weather or hail event, we will substitute what flowers we can. Thank you for your support of local flowers!