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2023 season

What's happening in 2023 at the farm?

We know you are anxiously awaiting the publication of our 2023 class schedule, you-pick events, and market updates!  We are still planning on having events at the farm this season; however, they will be more limited than in the past.
We will be hosting monthly you-picks as well as a pop up market with farm tour each month.

When will classes and events be posted?

We will be posting updates on classes and you-picks two weeks in advance this season instead of months in advance.  This is because booking months in advance often creates complications for us when people forget that they signed up for classes or events months ago and then forget to attend and demand refunds from us.  It simply created a lot of work and loss of revenue that we are not equipped to do while running a busy farm.  

How will I find out that an event or class has been posted?

Sign up for our newsletter (go to the homepage and scroll all the way to the bottom to sign up) and be sure to follow us on Instagram for updates and announcements!

Thank you for your understanding!