For brides who are interested in reducing the eco footprint of their wedding, fresh flowers sourced from Blossom and Branch Farm are not only unique, fresh, and beautiful--they have a much lower environmental impact than typical flowers flown in from South America. 

We specialize in smaller weddings, which allows us to focus on providing the best service and value while maintaining our focus on sustainability.
We believe in pricing visibility and making it simple to order local flowers.  Our prices are the same for all our bouquets; you can see examples below and on our Instagram page! If you do not see your date available on the checkout page, please contact us to see if we have availability.


Here's how it works: flowers are only available during our growing season (mid-May through end of September). You may place an order for any date during that time; orders are available for pickup at the farm only (no delivery).  Please select the date you would like to PICK UP your flowers at checkout

We can accommodate two palettes: bright and bold, or neutral and blushy.  Our flowers are dictated by nature, so while we cannot guarantee any specific flowers, you can rest assured that your bouquet will be naturally stunning.

Our style of bouquets is a looser one: it will look like your flowers were just gathered from the field (they were!).  If you would like, you can also opt to add on a bucket of flowers in a matching palette to your bouquet for DIY purposes.  One bucket contains 60-80 stems in a mix of foliage, filler, and focal flowers. 

Please bring a CLEAN 5-gallon bucket for pickup. If you do not bring a bucket, we will add $5 to your order and you may take ours.



1) Please plan ahead for a location to keep your flowers until your ceremony. A cool, dark room in a wide-mouth vase is best. Once the flowers leave our possession it is your responsibility to keep them cool--do not leave in hot cars or sunlight!

2) We recommend you pick up no sooner than 1 day prior to your wedding. We design bouquets with flowers that are fully open, so they will not have the vase life of a store-bought bouquet.

3) If you elect to DIY your flowers, remember that they will take time to cut, place in water, and transport; and you will need time and help! If you decide you would like a full-service florist, please reference our list of florists on our weddings page and tell them you would like Blossom and Branch Farm flowers in your designs.

4) To reiterate: we cannot guarantee specific colors or flowers. Because, nature. But we do know you will LOVE your wedding flowers!

5) Following your wedding, we welcome you to return your flowers to us at the farm to turn into compost and return to the earth.

6) This year we have a maximum order of two bulk buckets. Beyond that, we are partnering with Red Daisy Farm to provide additional buckets. Information is available on our bulk buckets page.

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