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field-grown flowers from our colorado flower farm

At Blossom and Branch Farm, we want everyone to feel more connected with the earth from the moment they cross through our gate, step on our soil, and experience our incredible Colorado fresh flowers.

Whether you are joining us for a class on the farm or visiting our Saturday flower farmstand at the farm (8-10 am) starting in the end of May through October, we want you to feel like family when you visit our flower farm.

Welcome to how flowers should be.

planet over profit

As a regenerative flower farm, sustainability isn't just a marketing phrase for us. It is the ethos that drives every decision we make at the farm. We focus on regenerating the soil and ecosystem at our farm for native wildlife and pollinators.

As part of our regenerative focus, our farm operates 100% seasonally and produces field-grown flowers (we don't utilize artificial light or heat in big fancy greenhouses to produce flowers, which add to carbon emissions). We have converted to solar energy for our operations and cooler to minimize fossil fuel reliance.

Our farm operates on a closed loop: weeds and old blooms go to our chickens, which turn them into fertilizer, which we compost to apply back to our field. We focus on plastic reduction through our use of soil blocking rather than using plastic seed trays, no plastic wrapping on our flowers, and 100% compostable bouquet wraps. We utilize absolutely no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides (even "organic" ones) and are focusing our 2022 season on providing native habitat.

We are proud to be returning over 70% of our profits to healing our landscape from years of invasive plants and returning the landscape to native grasses and plants.

flower arranging classes in Colorado

carbon sequestration

Our farm operates under a permanent no-till system, helping keep atmospheric carbon that has been sequestered by plant roots in the soil. By increasing soil and microbe life, roots are better able to pull climate-effecting carbon down from the atmosphere through photosynthesis and store it in the soil. We don't use synthetic fertilizers, chemicals, or herbicides in our field to protect our soil life and prevent runoff of excess nutrients.

We also return our profits to our land, and have planted over 53 trees to date to help sequester carbon and increase transpiration. In 2022 we converted a large portion of our field to native prairie and continue to work toward our goal of providing more native habitat.

2440 Iris St., 

Lakewood, CO 80215

Open to the public with purchase during market, Saturdays 8-10 am (end of May through October)