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DIY Flower Bucket


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Available May through early October 13 only.  Please do not order unless you will be picking up within this window. Earlier spring flowers (May through mid-June) will primarily be tulips, daffodils, blossoming branches and other shorter stemmed items.

A 5-gallon bucket of stems (approximately 60-80 stems), in a mix of foliage, filler, and focal flowers. Choose a "bright and colorful" or "neutral and blushy" palette.

Pickup from farm only, no delivery. Bulk buckets require a one week advance order. Buckets do not include premium flowers such as roses, peonies or dahlias (these can be purchased separately).

Please bring an empty, CLEAN 5-gallon bucket for pickup. We will fill with floral food and fresh water for transport.  Please plan to take the flowers directly to a cool spot: do not leave in the sun or a hot car for any period of time. Once the flowers leave our possession, we are no longer responsible! If ordering for a wedding, please see our "weddings" page for more details.


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